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Selected Web Stories produced at UNODC, Regional Office for South Asia

28 Jan

Following are links to select web stories I produced while working as Communications Officer at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Regional Office for South Asia

1) India: Community vigilance rescues Roshni – The story of a survivor of human trafficking

2) Sri Lanka: Enabling community-based treatment and support for recovering drug users

3) Nepal: Making a creative connection with HIV/AIDS – An exhibition of paintings to create awareness about issues related to HIV/AIDS

4) North East India: A ray of hope for female injecting drug users and female sex partners of male injecting drug users

5) India: The principle of balance to make opioids accessible for palliative care

6) India: ‘Journey of Hope’ – a UNODC compendium of anti-human trafficking and victim support initiatives

7) Maldives: ‘1410’ – Help for drug users just two rings away

8) India: Spreading the message of non-violence – Notes from Colombian musician César López’s visit to India

9) India: 332 days at the mercy of Somali pirates – a survivor’s account

10) India: Psychosocial care for women in shelter homes – a dire need for trafficking survivors

11) Bhutan: Safeguarding youth from the perils of drug use

12) South Asia: Fighting ‘tooth and nail’ to address wildlife crime in the region

13) India: HIV testing and counseling reaches prison’s doorstep

14) South Asia: The growing use of narcotic and psychotropic prescription drugs amongst injecting drug users

15) India: Securing livelihoods to safeguard against human trafficking

16) Sri Lanka: Empowering women and vulnerable communities to strengthen democracy and good governance

17) Nepal: New UNODC study maps female drug use in country