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Notes from a Green City (2010)

A film on the climate change mitigation efforts of the Municipal Corporation of Surat city, Gujarat, India. Made under the United Kingdom Environment Film Fellowships (UKEFF), 2010.

Responsibilities: Research, script and direction

Listen, we’re on air (2010)

A film documenting the impact of rural Community Radio initiatives on gender empowerment in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat states. Made under the UNDP Asia Pacific Human Development Media Fellowships 2009

Responsibilities: Research, script and direction

Work at my Doorstep (2008)

A film on the success of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) in Jharkhand state, India. The Act supports the largest workfare programme in the world, assuring manual employment while creating environmental assets in rural areas. Produced by UNDP and the Ministry of Rural Development, India

Responsibilities: Research, script, editing and direction

 Reflections of Change  (2008)

A film on the development interventions of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in India, marking 60 years of the India-Switzerland Treaty of Friendship. Documented community water management, solar technologies and governance strengthening mechanisms in Kutch district, Gujarat

Responsibilities: Research, co-scripting, and co- direction

The Power to Change (2007)

A film urging citizens in urban areas to conserve electricity in their everyday lives. Produced by IBM and the Delhi Government

Responsibilities: Direction

Renewing India (2007)

A film on the use of renewable energy technologies in India, produced by the Ministry of External Affairs, India. Documented government-supported hydroelectric projects in Uttarakhand state and use of solar technologies in Bangalore city

Responsibilities: Research and co-direction

The Cutting Factor (2007)

Researched, scripted, directed and edited, a film on energy efficiency in glass and ceramics sector for the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd (IREDA). Documented initiatives from small-scale glass and ceramic enterprises in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat states

Responsibilities: Research, script, editing and direction

Stranger in the Forest (2005)

A film highlighting the issue of the the displacement of the nomadic Van Gujjars from the Rajaji National Park, Himachal Pradesh. Made under the EU–India Economic Cross Cultural Programme (2005 –2006) Focus on the Environment: Developing Media Capacity to Cover Environmental Issues in India.

Responsibilities: Co-scripting and editing, was adjudged Best Film from the entire series of TV features produced in 9 Indian states

Devta Activists (2005)

A film on contradictions between development and conservation in the Great Himalayan National Park, India in the context of the traditional Devta system of conservation. Produced by the Public Service Broadcasting Trust (PSBT) and aired on Doordarshan, the national TV network

Responsibilities: Editing and production assistance

Watch the trailer here:

Watch the complete film here

Jeevika festival promo (2004)

A 40-second festival promo prepared for Jeevika, a South Asia livelihoods documentary film festival organized by the Centre for Civil Society, New Delhi

Colours of Nature (2003)

A film on the natural dyeing traditions in India, made as part of the NID Graduate Diploma Project. Produced by Moving Images, New Delhi

Responsibilities: Research, production, editing and co-direction

Something to chew on (2003)

A film on the betel nut, made as part of the NID Graduate Diploma Project. Produced by Moving Images, New Delhi

Responsibilities: Research, production, editing and co-direction